Q: We are interested in different experiences and itineraries which are not list on your website; can you help arrange for what we have in mind for our trip to Dubai?


A: Of course and with pleasure! We believe that all tastes are different and that no one size fits all – this is why our team of consultants are always happy to hear from you regarding your aspirations and what you hope to experience and achieve during your visit to Dubai. Based on us getting to know you better, we can then come back with a tailor-made itinerary made just for you.

The Experiences listed on our website are meant to be a rough guide that showcases our capabilities and way of thinking – it is meant to inspire you and open your mind to the possibilities that shape up the Dubai we know and love.



Q: What separates you from the hundreds of other players in the market?


A: Most of our experiences are unique to us, we have created them from scratch and they are often irreplaceable. Other players in the market have not yet evolved to a level where they are thinking outside the box.



Q: Have you experienced all your products & experiences on a first hand basis?


A: Of course we have! Not only have we experienced them first hand, we actually helped build most of them ourselves. We also do regular refreshers to all our staff members who are always happy to try out some of our newest products & experiences



Q: Can you assist me with air travel?


A: With pleasure! We are actually plugged into our IATA partner, Utravel, which has been handling airline tickets for corporate and leisure clients since 2010. Just drop us a line and we will forward it to our airlines team.



Q: What benefits do you receive by booking hotels through Be Dubai?


A: Our hotel partners are always enjoy taking care of our Guests because they are aware of their refined tastes and classy presence – this is why they make sure that they offer them extra amenities – hey, it is the small details that differentiate a good trip from a great trip! A fruit basket here, a bottle of bubbly there, and a late check out for those catching the red eye is always a plus, isn’t it!



Q: How did you manage to get all these subject-matter experts to work with you and your Guests? Surely it is not only the financial motivation?


A: You guessed right! Most of our experts are excited at the prospect of speaking to like-minded individuals from all of over the world and to share their passions with them. This is their main motivation behind devoting the time and energy into working with us and our esteemed Guests.